Camille Lecointre & Aloïse Retornaz

France / 470 Class


After Camille won a Bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games in 2016, she gave birth to a little boy. During this period Aloïse was sailing in the 470 and won two junior World Championships! 
The girls know each other already for a while as they always have to train in the same training center in Brest.
In January 2018 Camille and Aloïse decided to team up and they climbed into the top 5 of the world quite fast! Thanks to coach Gildas Philippe who knew the two girls really well and knew where to work on. After the World Championship in Aarhus 2019, where they ended up on the 3rd place, the podium spots kept on coming with a Gold medal during the Test Event in Enoshima!
With the games postponed for one more year the girls got the opportunity to train more what paid off with an Gold medal during the European Championship 2021.

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Top results

2021 European Champion 
2021 4th World Championship
2019 Gold Test Event 
2019 European Champion 
2019 3rd World Championship
2018 4th World Championship

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