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Catch Up with Santiago Lange!


At the age of 54 he won gold at the Olympic Games (his sixth) in Rio the Janeiro. In November ‘16 he won the Sailor of the Year award by World Sailing and this month he was invited by Lionel Messi to come and see him in Barcelona! What’s next? How important is his family to him and what are his plans for coming season? We heard he’s waiting for the new foiling Nacra, will he do another Olympic campaign? Time to catch up!

Life after the Olympics
In a week full of appointments, a meeting with Messi, catching up with his sons in Barcelona and flying to Miami, Santi still found some time to answer some questions for us. It’s incredible how much energy this man has. His life has been crazy since the Games though. Sailing is big sport in Argentina and reception in their home country after winning the gold medal in Rio was really unbelievable: “I couldn’t compare this with any other medal,” Santi tells us, “The impact in Argentina was so huge. It has been great and very special since the games, but I’m still the same person and just enjoying what I’m doing. “
From sailing to polo, it happens in Argentina
Santiago Lange worked for a one of the biggest polo teams in Argentina from September to December (Polo is huge in Argentina too...), he did a lot of key note talks for big companies in Argentina and South America, and at the beginning of this year he started to get involved with Artemis Sailing. We started to wonder if he still has time to go sailing besides this crazy busy schedule and if he had touched his Nacra after he won the Games: “No, haha,” he laughs, “now I’m waiting for the new foiling Nacra and I will slowly start sailing again, but since the Olympics I haven’t been sailing Nacra yet.”
“Another campaign is a long road, a really long road… But I really enjoy what I do I enjoy sharing it with Klaus and Yago, and with Ceci and my team so why not keep doing it?”
That’s a good answer, or question. Or both. For many Olympic athletes the most difficult part is being away from home and family all the time. For Santi doing another campaign means it’s easier to share life with his sons Klaus and Yago, who are sailing in the same circuit, and Theo and Borja, who study in Barcelona.
Part of a family
Santi admits his sons are the main reason he’s continuing sailing: “It’s true that when you’re a sailor you spend a lot of time without your family and that’s I would say the point that I scarified the most the past years. I missed them a lot. But now Klaus and Yago are sailing in the 49er and that’s the main reason why I can continue sailing.”
“Knowing that the other one is close and having a bbq or dinner here and there, is important to me. That’s really the main reason why I can continue Olympic sailing because I can share this with my sons. And I’m very pleased that when I started with Magic Marine that there was a place for my sons as well, which was very important for me. A good proof of what life is about: being part of a family. ”

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